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Scarfing and Scalloping Effects on Lobed Forced Mixer at Low

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The Effects of Spoilers on Jet Mixing of Lobed Nozzles

Presz Jr WM, Reynolds Jr G, McCormick D (1994) Thrust augmentation using mixer-ejector-diffuser systems. AIAA-94-0020. Proceedings of the 32nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit; Reno, USA. [ Links ] Shan Y, Zhang JZ (2005) Numerical investigation on the effects of lobe nozzles geometric parameters on mixer-ejector performance.

Numerical and Experimental Study on Jet Trajectories

An investigation of the jet trajectories and mixing behavior of venturi-jet mixers, in which turbulent jet injects fluid at an arbitrary angle to mix incompressible fluids, is described in this paper. Numerical results of an incompressible ...

Forced Mixer Lobes In Ejector Designs

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US5884472A - Alternating lobed mixer/ejector concept

A mixer/ejector suppressor is disclosed for reducing the noise level created by the exhaust flows in gas turbines. In the preferred embodiment, the suppressor comprises a mixing ring of alternating lobes attached to the engine's tailpipe; an ejector shroud mounted onto the mixing ring; and a plurality of arcuate gaps, between the mixing ring and ejector shroud, that permit ambient air to be ...

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Mixer-Ejector Noise-Suppressor Model

May 23, 2012 · Mixer-Ejector Noise-Suppressor Model. David E. Tew , ... Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. W. PRESZ, JR. and ...

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Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs

May 23, 2012 · Mechanisms of lobed jet mixing: About circularly alternating-lobe mixers Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 98 Research on Nonlinear Oscillation Suppression and Mixing Characteristics of RVABI Base on Bypass Pressure Fluctuation

US5761900A - Two-stage mixer ejector suppressor

A two-stage mixer ejector concept ("TSMEC") is disclosed for suppressing the noise emanated by jet aircraft. This TSMEC was designed to help older engines meet the stringent new federal noise regulations, known as "Stage III".

Prototype development - INASCO

Scaled Mixer-ejector high temp alloy prototyping including manufacturability evaluation and changes to comply with design for manufacture: Internal and External Mixer, Ejector Mounting Struts, Ejector (long and short), Ejector Closure, Liners Integration, Inner Mixer Lobes, Foreplug, Foreplug Struts, Plug Waved, Closure Skin.

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using

Experimental studies on supersonic mixer-ejector using radially lobed nozzles ... Gousy R; Morin BL (1986) Forced mixer lobes in ejector designs. AIAA Paper 86-1614. ...

Exchange Inlet Design for Rocket-Based Combined-Cycle Engines

Forced mixer lobes in augmentor primary ejectors obtain a 100-percent increase in pumping over conventional design, together with nearly complete mixing in very short mixing ducts, through the ...

Gen 2.0 Mixer/Ejector Nozzle Test at Lsaf June 1995 to July

Jul 31, 2013 · Gen 2.0 Mixer/Ejector Nozzle Test at Lsaf June 1995 to July 1996 [Arney, L. D., Nasa Technical Reports Server (Ntrs), Et Al] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Experimental Investigation of a One-Sided Ejector Nozzle

The ejector nozzle in the HSCT program turned out to be quite large and heavy. This is a limitation with the ejector design. Even though much work has been done to improve mixer-ejector nozzle performance (Refs.

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Alternating lobed mixer/ejector concept suppressor

Mar 23, 1999 · The present invention concerns an alternating lobed mixer/ejector concept for suppressing the noise from jet aircraft. This suppressor is marketed under the trademark "ALMEC" by the Assignee, Stage III Technologies, L.C., of La Jolla, Calif.

Parametric Effects on Internal Aerodynamics of Lobed Mixer

The internal flow characteristics inside lobed mixer-ejector with curved mixing duct and the parametric effects on the lobed mixer-ejector performance are investigated numerically and validated by experimental test. The curved mixing duct affects the development of the streamwise vortices induced by the lobed mixer.

Investigations of flows in a new infrared suppressor

Presz et al. , , , has indicated that a substantial increase in the pumping performance of an ejector system can be obtained through the use of low loss ‘forced’ mixer lobes These ‘forced’ mixers have proven very effective in advanced turbofan applications by achieving nearly complete mixing of separate engine and fan streams with very ...

Micro-Gas Turbine Engine Ejector-Mixer Design and Testing

result serves as a base of knowledge useful to the design of a micro-gas turbine engine ejector-mixer. 4 Technical Background 4.1 Ejector-Mixer Theory As the name suggests, an ejector-mixer is composed of two parts: the ejector, and the mixer. The ejector is the shroud in which the engine exhaust primary flow and the ambient conditioned

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Multi-Stage Mixer/Ejector Systems

Forced mixer lobes generate large scale axial vorticity which results in rapid mixing and improved diffuser performance. Ejector testing was conducted using both an ejector wind tunnel.

Full text of "Computational analysis of the flowfield of a

Full text of "Computational analysis of the flowfield of a two-dimensional ejector nozzle" See other formats NASA Contractor Report 185255 AIAA-90-1901 Computational Analysis of the Flowfield of a Two-Dimensional Ejector Nozzle Y.H. Choi and W.Y. Soh Sverdrup Technology, Inc. Lewis Research Center Group Brook Park, Ohio June 1990 Prepared for Lewis Research Center Under Contracts NAS3 …

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RANS-Based Noise Predictions of Jets with Internal Forced Mixers

In the current study three 12-lobe mixers and two 20-lobe mixers are evaluated. A typical internal lobed mixer configuration is shown in Figure 1. The geometries of all five forced mixers evaluated in this study are shown in Figure 2. The 12-lobe mixers all have similar designs, with the primary difference being the lobe penetration height

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Stereoscopic PIV measurement of a lobed jet mixing flow

Abstract. In a continuing effort to study the mixing enhancement by large scale streamwise vortices generated by a lobed nozzle, a high-resolution stereoscopic PIV system was used in the present study to conduct three-dimensional measurements of air jet flows exhausted from a lobed nozzle and a conventional circular nozzle.


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